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April 18, 2010

This weekend my blog was quiet because Grandpa Ron and I flew to Des Moines, IA, to be part of the Central College (my undergraduate school) celebration in Pella, IA. David Roe, the President of Central College for the last ~ 12 years, his wife Betsy Roe, and daughters Caleigh and Caitlin were honored with a Texas-sized party in P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium last Saturday, April 17, from 5:30-8:30 p.m to celebrate their gifts to the community, David’s retirement and move to DALLAS. Both of them are very special and have made a difference in our world. I am sure they will also make their mark on Dallas! Lots of students, former students, faculty, former faculty, friends, family, and townspeople came to say good-bye to the Roes, listen to fun and funny stories from several speakers, sample the BBQ food of Central Dining Services and listen to the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Steel Pans and Jazz Combos of Central College. Lots of people dressed in western attire. Afterwards, the party continued up-town with a dance at the Pella Opera House. We had great fun!

Here are some photos (and one video) I took. A few were way across the gymnasium so they came out a little fuzzy. If other photos or articles get posted by others, I’ll link to them later.

Symphonic Wind Ensemble Conductor Smiles Through Crowd

Jan Freed

The Student MCs

David Wesselink, Chairman of the Board of Directors, announced that the newly constructed education, psychology and communication studies building, which opened this past fall, will henceforth be known as The Roe Center. Here is another youtube video of the dedication on May 14, 2010.

Table View 1

David and Betsy 1

David and Betsy 2

David and Betsy 3

Another Musical Interlude

Lots of Singing

Kim and Don

Table View 2

Table View 3

Decor 1

Decor 2

Best Wishes!

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Making A Difference

April 24, 2009

This page is intended as my collection of stories of people who made a difference to their world – with or without knowing that they did so. I also welcome readers to share any stories they have as a comment to this page.

The Orange County Register had a couple such stories on 4/23/09.

“From Grief, A Garden Path” by Lori Basheda put tears in my eyes. OK, so I downright cried, ol’ softy that I am! Several people in the story made this world a better place. The woman the article is about, Miriam Johnson, is now passing on the gift of solace she has found in her garden. Her garden is constructed of love and memories of her husband Steve and of Mary Lou and Heard’s Country Gardens. Both Steve and Mary Lou made their own differences in the world. If I get any more specific, I’ll start crying again. My best wishes go out to Miriam and her fiance Bob! Enjoy the read!

Following up on my interest in her article on Miriam Johnson’s garden, Lori Basheda sent me another story about a special person, Hortense Miller, in Laguna Beach, CA. She started her garden in 1959 and you can take two hour guided tours by reservation for free. Hortense, who passed away at the age of 99, gave the land to the city in 1976. Follow these links to find out what a special person Hortense was!

Lori also passed on to me another special gardener’s story of Dr. Joel Pasco who has over 3,000 bonsai trees in Costa Mesa, CA. Sadly, Joel also has inoperable cancer so he is looking for new homes for his trees. He has left his mark on this earth through teaching bonsai techniques to others. Check out the Shari Bonsai website.

“New Home for Octo-ducklings” Animal Control Officer Denise Wilson and her SPCA passenger Shaina Byrnes and firefighters saved 8 baby ducklings from a storm drain while mama duck fretted audibly about the situation. There is a slide show on-line if you click the link for the article title or this one here.

The 4/23/09 Long Beach Press Telegram had an AP story on Bea Charles passing away. I am sure you ask, “Who is that?” She is on this page because of her involvement with saving the Klallam language and culture of the Lower Elwha tribe. My studies in linguistics have made me acutely aware of cultural and generational wisdom being left behind in today’s modern, fast-paced society. Bea Charles sounds like a woman who tried to make a difference in her world, not only for her tribe, but also as an activist for promoting domestic violence awareness.

Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture – Randy Pausch never imagined to make the impact on the world that he did when he gave his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon. The response has been tremendous. What an awesome teacher! Here is his Last Lecture website. Here is his regular webpage.

Every morning while I make up our lunches I hear Michael Josephson‘s daily commentary on ethics on the radio. He makes excellent points and has poignant examples of why we should live ethical lives. He has been a positive influence on the world I live in.

The Saturday, May 2, 2009, edition of the Orange County Register had another great story as The Morning Read about John Mora making a difference. It is called Bullets Miss Mark by Erika Ritchie. It describes how a neighborhood shooting changed his life forever and how he uses his experience to reach out to a young boy to hopefully make a difference. It looks like it will. I wish him well. I hope John steers clear of bullets to continue his positive influence on other young people.

I have an old magazine article about random acts of heroism on my cube wall at work. I couldn’t find it on-line to attach here. It is from the June 2007 Glamour magazine. It was called “Do something heroic (it’s actually easy)” – Maybe an auto-link will find me. I’ll have to explore getting it reprinted.

The Power of Prayer – Miracles Do Happen – This is proven in this A miracle in our midst; an answer to a grandpa’s prayer, an article by Barbara France, a Staff Writer for the Plumas County News from 3/4/09.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization has a whole page of ‘making a difference’ stories of volunteers mentoring and changing lives.

Tony Curtis and his wife Jill are making a difference with their Horse Rescue Ranch called Shilo.

Walter Cronkite was the top-rated news anchor for CBS and was always the newscaster to watch as far as my family was concerned. He was indeed the “Most Trusted Man in America.”

Dr. Maxine Huffman was a very special person and a mentor in my life. She was my English advisor at Central College back in the seventies, but she and her husband Don were special people that we visited any time we were back in Pella, Iowa, for Central College activities. Her love, caring and welcoming nature will be missed but her memory will live on forever.

As Dr. David Roe finishes up his last few months as President of Central College in Pella, Iowa, before he retires to Texas, the school prepares for his departure. A quick perusal through past Central Bulletins provides an insight to Dr. Roe’s remarkable and inspirational leadership. Dr. Roe and his wife Betsy have made such a great impact on Central College, and Pella, Iowa. Both of them are very special and have made a difference in our world. I am sure they will both find unique opportunities to continue to do so in Texas as well. Here he is giving the introductory remarks at the national launch of the Initiative for Global Citizen Diplomacy (Feb. 2009, National Press Club, Washington, DC) from youtube:

Dallas Party

March 8, 2010

Looks like the planning for the Dallas Party is coming along nicely for David and Betsy Roe. Cool!

From the Central Alumni page:
Help us celebrate David and Betsy Roe’s retirement and move to DALLAS with a Texas-sized party in P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium, Saturday, April 17, from 5:30-8:30 p.m. A program will begin at 6:45 p.m. Student meal plans will be in effect. Come to bid farewell to the Roes, hear great stories from featured speakers, enjoy the legendary delicacies of Central Dining Services and free entertainment courtesy of the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Steel Pans and Jazz Combos. Attire for the event is Texas themed. Registration is required. RSVP by picking up your free tickets at the Maytag Information Booth after March 22. Or, register now online, call 800-447-0287 or e-mail alumni@central.edu.

The Roe party continues with a dance at the Pella Opera House Saturday, April 17, from 8:30-11:30 p.m. Cost is $15 per person and registration is required. RSVP by purchasing your tickets at the Maytag Information Booth after March 22. Or, register now online, call 800-447-0287 or e-mail alumni@central.edu.

I have other items mentioning Central College at https://mygrandmasue.wordpress.com 🙂

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