Central College

Central College in Pella, Iowa, was one of the best opportunities of my life! I certainly would be a different person had I not had the experiences and enduring relationships that were incubated there!

Central is a small private four-year liberal arts college located about an hour southeast of Des Moines. Central has a fantastic Study Abroad Program. I participated in the Austria (as a German major) and Mexico (because I could!) locations. Here’s the Abroad Blog from students over in the various programs now. They seem to be having as much fun with their daily new experiences as I did!

As a poor but bright kid from the Chicago western suburbs, I was delighted to be awarded enough financial aid to enable me to be the first member of my extended, blue collar family to earn a college degree. Since first grade I always wanted to be a teacher. The staff, individual attention and nurturing environment at Central helped me accomplish my personal goals.

I did teach for several years and loved every challenging minute of it! But circumstances changed. Although I ended up in the computer industry, I was often involved with training along with my other technical and/or managerial assignments. The Central College liberal arts background prepared me for the rest of my life.

Since graduating, I have always supported Central to help sustain a strong foundation for the students who followed me — just as was offered to me so long ago…

4 Responses to Central College

  1. I love Austria!!! It’s so underrated.
    You majored in German? Kyle was fluent in high school and was part of a German Immersion Camp.

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