Oops, I forgot my Camera Cord!

May 31, 2010

So much for adding pictures! I left my camera-to-computer cord behind!! Wow! Time is flying by! The Memorial Day weekend is almost at an end! My brain is so wracked I finally tried to jot down everything rattling around in there – ended up with 2 1/2 pages of stuff! No wonder I’m not relaxed and oh-so-ahhhhhh !! At least I worked a few things off the list…… more later! So MUCH is going on!! Hugs!

Flugtag Finalists for Long Beach

May 25, 2010

This will certainly be something fun to watch! The Red Bull Flugtag Finalists for Long Beach have been chosen. Click on the Long Beach Selection to watch the video. This link has the list of the chosen teams and their entry sketches (but you need to scroll down the page a bit!). Tim Grobaty wrote about the selection here in the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

A previous entry I made last January is here.

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Kudos to Cupertino!

May 23, 2010

Totally Awesome with a Capital A! The parents of the Cupertino, CA Union School District got together and raised 2 million dollars to save 107 teachers from lay-off! – The money was raised in 2 months! The story is here from NBC Bay Area. CBS 5 video also tells the story. Here is the video off the Their Future Is Now (TFIN) website. Cupertino is near San Jose in the San Franciso Bay area. Cupertino is known for its excellent schools. Involved parents DO make a difference! 🙂

Kudos! Kudos! Kudos!

Daring to Make A Difference! AND THEY DID!!!!!

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Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! Award Winner in 2010 International Book Awards

May 19, 2010

May 19, 2010
Media Contact: Susan Winter

2010 International Book Awards Recognizes Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too!

LOS ANGELESGrandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! is an Award-Winner in the category of Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit. JPX Media announced the winners and finalists of THE 2010 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA) on May 18, 2010.

About the Book

Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! was written by “Grandma Sue” Susan Winter for children and grandparents alike. “Every day experiences turn into special moments for Grandpa Ron and Grandson Austin. The book captures some of those moments: Memories of compassion, character, patience and love,” Sue explains, “It hits on the message that we may seldom be given the opportunity to know the impact we make on another, even very young, individual. Live as though it will happen always and then cherish the memories.”

Grandma Sue divides her life between the LA area, Reno, NV and visiting grandchildren. Additional information about Grandma Sue and the book can be found on the mygrandmasue.wordpress.com web site. Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! is available on Amazon.com or through Ingrambook.com.

Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! is also an Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards sponsored by USA Book News.

Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! will be on display in the New Title Showcase exhibit at BookExpo America, the country’s single largest book fair and annual gathering for the publishing industry, covering all genres of books, from May 25-27 in New York City.

About the International Book Awards

The International Book Awards were created by JPX Media this year to honor outstanding books on a global scale. Jeff Keen, President and CEO of JPX Media, said this year’s contest yielded a large number of entries, which were then narrowed down to over 300 winners and finalists in over 140 categories covering print and audio books. Awards were presented for titles published in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Keen adds, “IBA’s success begins with the enthusiastic participation of authors and publishers and continues with our distinguished panel of industry judges who bring to the table their extensive editorial, PR, marketing, and design expertise.”

JPX Media is located in Los Angeles and is involved in numerous aspects of the entertainment and publishing industries.

A complete list of the winners and finalists of The 2010 International Book Awards is available online at http://www.IBA2011.com.

A Special Activity to Share with Grandchild

May 18, 2010

Grandparents.com does it again! Here is a great article on an activity to share with your grandchild – letter writing! It is truly a lost art! Here are five ways to get them writing.

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More Pella Tulips in Scholte Gardens

May 13, 2010

Here are a few more tulip photos from Pella, Iowa:

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Pella Tulips

May 12, 2010

Here are some gorgeous tulips in Pella, Iowa! These were all in the Scholte Gardens.

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Drought Tolerant Gardens

May 9, 2010

It is so important these days to try to conserve water and one way to do this is to minimize the amount of green lawn you have on your property. The Long Beach Press-Telegraph had a great article with super suggestions by Sandra Barrera, Staff Writer. Check it out! Drought tolerant landscaping and Xeriscape Landscaping help to minimize watering… Here are thoughts from many gardeners throughout America about their favorite drought tolerant plants. High Country Gardens has a whole spectrum of water-wise choices. Here are drought tolerant trees.

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Baby Moose Plays In Lawn Sprinkler

May 8, 2010

A friend of mine sent me this link of baby moose playing in a lawn sprinkler. It is really cute and has a few surprises, as well….Like, wow, there’s mama, too!

My friend’s words to me and I share them with you: This video WILL make your day…Enjoy! If you listen really close in the audio you can hear the woman who is recording this trying to keep her kids quiet in the background. Worth listening to several times, and the music is absolutely perfect for the video! It is posted on wimp.com if you want to explore a few more.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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What is a Minerva Moment

May 7, 2010

I received an interesting and thought-provoking email from the people behind the Women’s Conference and I decided to share it with you. I really, really like the Women’s Conference website. I really respect Maria Shriver and all she does to better the world we live in.

From the email:

During the first week of June, The Women’s Conference will announce the winners of the seventh annual Minerva Awards. To honor these remarkable women, who have recognized a problem, identified the solution and pursued it with strength, courage and compassion, The Great May Giveaway is asking:

When did you realize for the first time that you could make a difference and transform the life of someone you love, someone less fortunate or someone in need? What was your Minerva Moment?

Your answer could win 2 Special Guest Passes to The Women’s Conference 2010 and a chance to interview Maria Shriver backstage!

Click here to learn more about The Great May Giveaway & share your Minerva Moment.

Here is Maria Shriver’s Minerva Moment:

🙂 🙂 🙂

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