JetBlue’s Soar with Reading

October 3, 2011

When we were in the airport last weekend to catch a JetBlue plane to Chicago, a billboard caught my eye. It advertises a joint effort between JetBlue and PBS that has been developed to keep kids reading! You’ll find fun reading activities provided by PBS KIDS® and helpful reading tips for children of all reading levels. Check it out! Let’s Read is the main page. There are many activities on the Activities page. It is well worth your time to find some fun ways to get your children reading more enthusiastically!

Check out other ideas and activities to do with kids on by the author of the award-winning children’s book Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too!

Great Blog: 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane

March 5, 2010

Oh my gosh! I laughed out loud! What an entertaining woman! Gotta love her! Check out for just wonderful blogs! What a great ending to a frustrating day!! Oh, my! How she made me laugh! There is always something extra going on! What a special person – couple – to take in these kids and to have such a great outlook! Kudos to you! 🙂

Check out my other blogs for ideas and activities to do with kids on by the author of the award-winning children’s book Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! 🙂

Cooking with Children

December 18, 2009

Some of my favorite memories are making Christmas cookies with grandma over the years. The site has a great page for various recipes to try with children in the kitchen! Gluten-Free Recipes, Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Marshmallows, Snacks! Check it out here! Tips for who should do what are here. Have fun!

Nick Worked My Pound Off!

September 22, 2009

Nick Rians of Fitness Workx has been running two consecutive contests for his workout clients since last July 1st. One is for losing the most weight. The second is for consecutive weight loss each week of the contest. This week is the last week. I have only lost 10 pounds but I have lost something every week. I’m tied for first place with another woman who will certainly win in the weight loss contest – I think she has lost over 30 pounds. But today when I weighed in before the workout I weighed more than last week even though my weight this morning was at its lowest ever in a very, very, very long time. I had also walked 3 miles earlier in the afternoon. Nick worked my butt off while he kept Grandpa Ron doing usual workout stuff. I actually ended up weighing in at .4 pounds less than last week after the workout! Woo! Hoo! I’m still in the game! Boy, am I tired tonight!

Fitness Workx also offers on-line training and training videos.

Teaching Kids to Read

September 17, 2009

I taught my daughter to read when she was three. Now she has a three year old and she wants to teach him to read. I think we started out just reading her favorite books over and over again and later we got workbooks to do, too. I did find some interesting websites that have suggestions on how to go about it now:
The Well-Trained Mind
Reading Buddy 2.0
Succeed to Read
Preschool Express

If you have a suggestion, feel free to add a comment!

Shared Sibling Activities For Youngsters

September 14, 2009

I don’t remember how I found this blogspot but it had an interesting interview with the twin authors of The Siblings’ Busy Book that I just ordered for my daughter. It has at-home activities that keep the interest of brothers and sisters of different ages while they are creating something together.

Found lots of similar books by reading the various reviews in Amazon. Actually, the day care centers would probably enjoy the ideas in these books as much as the parents do! – Here are some of them – Be sure to check out the similar books at the bottom of the book descriptions:
more Art oriented books
Arts and Crafts type books
Busy Books for various ages

Free Things To Do With Grandkids

September 8, 2009

At, they have 100 great ideas for spending time your grandchildren – for free. Click ‘Download Now’ at their site for their printable guide.

Grandpa Ron’s Review

July 28, 2009

At first, it was a series of pictures of Grandpa and Grandson enjoying themselves. Once the book Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! was together with the words, it became how do you influence another individual – and it’s multigenerational when you look at it that way. Of course, then that path has a deeper meaning in terms of philosophy in terms of understanding relationships. Parents and grandparents have to be careful because here are examples of the child emulating adult behavior.

The book started out a simple story from Grandma Sue’s hand. It grew deeper and broader through her artistic endeavors. For anyone who considers themselves a teacher or a rabbi, this book truly captures that student/teacher or parent/child relationship. It certainly has given me an awareness of the influence I have had on the people around me that I never realized I had before. The book brings that all into focus: my relationship with parents, grandparents, brothers and sister. All these memories were dormant but right there all the same. It has done that for several other people who have shared their reactions, feelings and experiences with us.

So from a simple picture story of a magical week, it became a reflection of all those things that derive from earning and sharing love and respect. This book captured it all.

Not everybody gets it. Some see just the pictures and don’t put themselves into the picture – so they miss out on the meaning and opportunity to relive their own special moments. Every one of those pictures reminds me of antics with my brothers and sister in younger days with family members. My brothers and I built roads in the dirt, sometimes using rocks as the trucks, using knockouts as manhole covers and using electrical conduit as sewer lines. The morning cereal one reminds me of my daughter and me making breakfast together. The swimming picture reminds me again of my daughter. All brought back. All brought back into focus by Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! – I didn’t even realize all those memories were there. I look at my relationships with other people and I see similar characteristics that I just didn’t realize were there.

From a family values perspective I don’t know of a better example. Age doesn’t matter. It’s two people having fun in a very classic sense. It’s learning from one another – a two-way communication – like the cereal picture, I thought about picking him up and holding him while I prepared the cereal but I knew he’d get too heavy to hold long. So I got the stool. That facilitated him doing his own cereal preparation.

It’s more than “just pictures” of a grandpa and grandson that were captured. It’s a trip down memory lane for most of us – young or old.

Gardening with Kids

July 20, 2009

One major activity I looked forward to with my Grandma was working in her wonderful gardens. She taught me how to plant seeds and take care of the seedlings. She taught me how to thin out and transplant the little plants. She taught me to know the difference between weeds and flowers. She taught me how to recognize a vegetable plant by its leaves. I learned patience in harvesting at the right moment. I learned joy in arranging flowers in vases. Gardening was definitely an every day activity to her that was magical to me.’s article is a how-to to provide the same experience to your kids and grandkids.

Dry Creek Garden in Reno, NV has some fun ideas for different gardens for the children to plan.

The Colorado Master Gardeners website also has great information.

The University of Illinois Extension has a guide as well.

Go Play Outside!

June 5, 2009

The website is logging the number of hours grandparents spend outside with their grandchildren this summer. For every hour logged will donate to KaBOOM! to bringing play into the lives of children. Remember my blog about KABOOM!, finding Playspaces and Julianne Hough earlier? This effort to log outside activity is a fun one for grandparents to get involved in!

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