Shared Memories

** Whenever we heard the fire engine sirens going, Grandpa and us grandkids would jump in the car and try to find where they were going.

** Grandma and I would cut out people (whole ones of course) from the Sears catalog and glue them to cardboard. I’d name them and have whole families. Then I’d play with them.

** For a special treat Grandpa would take us all in the car to go watch the planes coming and going from O’Hare airport.

** Grandma taught me how to sew both by hand and with a sewing machine. We made lots of Barbie clothes and darned lots of socks.

** Whenever I spent Saturday night with them, Grandma and I would make a special Sunday breakfast for Grandpa of scrambled eggs, bacon and Sara Lee coffeecake.

4 Responses to Shared Memories

  1. Grandpa Ron says:

    When I was about two years old, my Grandpa Ernest would take me to the Inglewood, CA, train depot. If we timed it just right the steam engine would be just starting the afternoon shift. That experience started a lifelong journey of following the railroads. It was a very special time. From my room at Grandpa’s house I could hear the locomotives climbing the hill from Slauson up to Boyd Avenue and wonder where they were headed.

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