National Children’s Museum in Washington DC

One of the auto-links that appeared on my blog looks to be a special place in its own right. It is the National Children’s Museum with the mantra “inspiring kids to care about and improve the world.”

Click on the website, to read their story (also below) and share in a delightful timeline of pictures:

The National Children’s Museum is founded on the accomplishments of the former Capital Children’s Museum (CCM), located near Washington, DC’s Union Station. Established in 1974, CCM was an early leader in children’s museum development. It served approximately 200,000 visitors annually, including children, their parents, caregivers, and teachers.

During the planning and construction phase of the new Museum, the National Children’s Museum is reaching out to the region and the nation with school and community outreach programs, traveling exhibitions, and programs in partnership with other organizations, as a Museum Without Walls.

The new museum for children and families is scheduled to open in 2013 at Prince George’s County’s National Harbor – a $2 billion, 300-acre, mixed-use waterfront development – to transform the banks of the Potomac into a gateway to the Washington region for kids and families.

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