Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Factories

Chocolate, dark chocolate can help you stay healthy and can even help you lose weight! Great news for us chocolate lovers! Ghirardelli has 100% chocolate drops that I love to nibble at 3 in the afternoon. Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco is one of my favorite haunts – and across the bay is the San Leandro Factory Outlet.

Then there is Hershey, PA; Chicago and Times Square for Hersey’s Chocolate! Here are videos of the Hershey Factory tour. I am told it is a tasty time! Enjoy!

One Response to Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate Factories

  1. There is a brand of dark Belgian chocolates called Xocai. What makes them different is that their products aren’t cooked or “dutched”. They use a cold-press process that saves so much of the natural nutrients in the cocoa, each serving delivers twice the antioxidants found in other healthy chocolate brands and several times that of some of the best antioxidant rich vegetables. There’s no caffeine, no added processed sugars, waxes or trans fats. In fact (though you wouldn’t know it by taste) these chocolates are called “diabetic friendly”.

    In recent weeks, I have talked at length with people in my area using Xocai and the testimonials they consistently offer are surprising. There are doctors who praise these products very highly as they too have some astounding stories about some of their patients using Xocai chocolates.

    People are becoming more and more nutrient/health food oriented. At one time or another just about everyone has heard about the scientific data and university studies showing the benefits of eating dark chocolates and there is an opportunity that’s worth a few minutes of your time to look at.

    Beyond replacing candy in our diets with a great tasting healthy chocolate, you can earn income with Xocai. I know… we have been blitzed for years by direct-sell companies that have long saturated their markets with more than a million people ahead of the newcomer in a pyramid. Xocai however is 5 years old with an annual sales volume of 100 million. The future looks bright and it’s a chance to get involved in something quickly enough to actually participate in the building of a meaningful residual income that could last for many years. Of course, as with any endeavor, the benefits will be proportioned to the effort put forth but the cost to participate is unbelievably low and I truly think it is something to consider.

    There’s some good product information at

    You are invited to join in, be healthier eating Xocai dark chocolates and share your story with others. Contact me if you have any questions or interest. If I don’t have all the answers you need, I’ll see to it that you get them.

    Mark McInturf

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