Go Play Outside!

The Grandparents.com website is logging the number of hours grandparents spend outside with their grandchildren this summer. For every hour logged Grandparents.com will donate to KaBOOM! to bringing play into the lives of children. Remember my blog about KABOOM!, finding Playspaces and Julianne Hough earlier? This effort to log outside activity is a fun one for grandparents to get involved in!

2 Responses to Go Play Outside!

  1. […] Walking – Favorite Exercise for America Richard Seven wrote Walking Toward Well-being: America’s Favorite Exercise in The Seattle Times. It’s fun, easy and inexpensive! An hour of walking outdoors with the grandkids counts as an hour of outside activity for Go Play Outside!! […]

  2. […] – the Green Hour. Here is the Green Hour website encouraging parents to get their children playing outdoors for at least an hour a day. It is a program sponsored by the National WIldlife […]

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