The Bucket List

Hmmmm…the buzz is beginning about Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too!. After the reading at Wayfarer’s Chapel last Sunday, one listener likened it to the movie “The Bucket List” in that you understand the deeper meaning contained within – when you ponder the simplicity of the situations and the significance they have later in life – given similar personal experiences you had yourself with your own grandparents. After the reading several people, most of them grandparents themselves, thanked me for putting into words all the kinds of experiences they had and their wonderful thoughts and memories they have of their grandparents.

The children at Long Beach Day Nursery also reacted very positively to the story last Friday. During the reading, most of them were very eager to share their own experiences with their grandparents or at least with static electricity – and the plastic slide! In fact, they voted to have me read it to them a second time!

Both readings were a lot of fun! NEW PHOTOS

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