Games To Play While Waiting

August 1, 2009 has a great list of games to keep the kids occupied while travelling in the car, waiting in traffic in the car, waiting in line, waiting at the doctor’s office, or wherever. Grandson Austin loves to play the Bridge Game that I taught him while we are in the car in the city or suburbia. I learned it as a child from my grandpa.

It is part of the game to be the first one to say “Bridge coming!” to get the attention of the rest of the people in the car. As we get closer to the bridge – can’t be too far away – we time it with Ready, Set, and Wheeeeeee for as long as it takes to go under it. For tunnels we try to hold our wheeeeee to last as long as the tunnel.

Attention lags when there aren’t many bridges – except he came up with a variation on his own (He’s 3) on the last trip. He started pointing out highway/interstate/freeway sign ‘bridges’ that went over the road. As we went under , he said “Whe” short and sweet. It was too funny – and immediately became a variation of the game.

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