Writing my blog about corn mazes reminded me of the really neat labyrinth at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral. There are actually two of them there. One is inside and one is outside. I think walking the labyrinth is so peaceful and cleansing. The labyrinth only has one path so you can’t get lost and mixed up like you can in a corn maze!

A world-wide labyrinth locator is available from The Labyrinth Society and Veriditas. If you think you want to create one of your own, check out for more information. Grace Cathedral also has an online finger meditation you can try – choose your icon and trace your mouse tracks through the labyrinth – with or without music playing. It’s very nice. Give it a try!

This could be a hard activity for the whole family to do – at least with younger children. It’s just not quite the same feeling when you are chasing after way-stepping little ones. And I certainly would not want to explore it with little ones if other people are there trying to walk it either, as it would probably interrupt their meditation. It is a much more personal experience probably more in line with some “me time.” I do believe that with the proper explanations and expectations first worked out with older children, that they might come to enjoy it.

I just know that I really, really love to walk the labyrinth.

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