Prison Pups Get New Owners

November 22, 2009

At Juvenile Hall in Orange County Scout, Biscuit and Gizmo were released to new homes last Friday, Nov 20th. What a special, awesome program between the county’s Community Resources Department, the Probation Department and Another Chance for Love! Taking on extra duties of training, maintaining and bonding with the three dogs were nine young men (17 and 18 years old) as they learned what having patience is all about! This is a remarkable story. I hope they repeat the opportunity often to the young men there! If you are interested in adopting a dog in the Another Chance for Love program, contact Janette Thomas at or 714-505-9235.

The Orange County Register blog by Samantha Gowen is here and her article is here. Another California Youth Authority project in Norwalk is also reported by Bethania Palma Markus. Great work! Kudos to Jeanette Thomas!

Kudos also to Sr Pauline Quinn! She has been involved with Pathways to Hope which also helps to start programs in prisons all over the United States where inmates train dogs to help the disabled. Pathways to Hope also has other programs.

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Funny Baby Videos!

November 22, 2009

Funny videos –
This one from tweeted by Four Hours of Baby Play in 2 Minutes

YouTube: Twin Boys Laughing At Each Other

I saw this one before from Youtube but it’s still so funny: David After Dentist

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