Teaching Babies Sign Language

Cyndi taught Austin sign language when he was little. She is planning to teach little Abby sign language, too. The 1/6/10 Oregon City News had a lengthy article called A sign of success for babies about Shira Fogel teaching parents how to teach their toddlers sign language.

Advantages of signing with your baby from the article:

• It is a fact that babies can acquire the ability to understand language long before the muscles in their mouth enable them to actually speak.

• Research proves the gap between comprehension and speech production can be bridged by using sign language.

• Sign language helps provide an earlier foundation for language development.

• Sign language has been scientifically proven to raise IQs an average of 12 points higher than non-signing children.

• Even when children start speaking, their words are often very difficult to understand; sign language provides an additional clue to help toddlers tell you what they are trying to say. This helps tremendously in minimizing the “terrible two’s.”

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