LB Part of Flugtag Craziness

Those of you in the Long Beach area should circle the dates of August 6 and 7 on your calendars for a family outing! A few days ago I saw that Long Beach will be part of the worldly Flugtag craziness this year. Flugtag, sponsored by Red Bull, is coming to Long Beach in the summer of 2010. Still in the early stages of planning, the weekend of August 6-7 at the Pine Avenue Pier at the Pike at Rainbow Harbor will be a buzz with Flugtag pilots. Flugtag (German for “Fly Day” or “Air Day” or “Air Show”) is an opportunity for ill-fated “pilots” in creative craft to attempt to launch off a pier – to land usually soon after in a body of water.

The event is world-wide. The cities chosen to hold the USA part of the fun this year are Long Beach, Denver, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Philidelphia and Miami. More than 80,000 people watched Flugtag in San Francisco and Portland in past years. It originally started in 1991 in Vienna, Austria, by Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz.

The hilarious article that caught my attention was written by Tim Grobaty In the Long Beach Press-Telegram on Jan 14, 2010. Check it out!

Here is a video clip from various US cities in 2009.

Here are Brazil 2009 highlights!

Here are some contestants in Moscow 2008.

Willamette Week Online from Portland ,Oregon, has some behind the scene words and video from 2008 of Flugtag in Portland. It has embedded the U.S. record flying banjo set in 2007 at Red Bull Flugtag Nashville – the banjo crashed early but the flying part with pilot continued for an amzing 155 feet! has lots more info and videos! The other page links also have many more funny antics to watch. Enjoy!

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