Blind Dog Coffee Roasted Locally in Reno

I tried out a new product that caught my eye at the grocery store in Reno and ended up with discovering another person trying to make a difference in our world. When Grandpa Ron and I were picking up a few items on our short list, I passed by a separate end display where the words “locally roasted” caught my attention. It was a neat stack of several blends of coffee, offered as beans and ground, certified USDA organic – with a catchy name of “Blind Dog.” We like to support local merchants, so we picked up the “100% Superior Arabica bean” Grand Canyon Espresso to try. Other blends and products are here.

This morning the coffee was a real treat – wonderful aroma and taste! Then Grandpa Ron showed me the back of the coffee packet to read – as I just picked the particular package because it was an Espresso. The back (and also at the website) was The Tail of the Dog– a short tale of Mark Berry, his life and his new passion of Blind Dog Coffee. I learned that with every purchase of Blind Dog Coffee there is a portion given to help fight childhood cancers.

Okay, now he has my attention! I look up Blind Dog Coffee on-line.

“With every bean, pound and bag of Blind Dog Coffee that is sold a portion will be given to Angel Kiss Foundation.”

Blind Dog is a fun and informative website.

You can watch the webcast of Mark Berry, owner of Blind Dog Coffee, on Tahoe Quarterly Television as he tells the story of how he followed his passion in life and work. Several of his news articles are noteworthy.

You can support his cause by purchasing Blind Dog Coffee! What a delicious way to do so!! Even if you are not in Reno, you can order it off the website! Enjoy!

Check out for more interesting things and ideas! 🙂

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