How Was School Today? Fine……

March 3, 2010

As of yesterday, the book Rev. Shannon A. White and her daughter wrote together How Was School Today? Fine… is now available! I blogged earlier about Shannon and her story on life balance and extraordinary gifts on the site.

Here is the press release:

( March 2, 2010 — Every parent dreams of interesting and productive conversations about school with their children. But what happens when it just doesn’t happen? That’s when Shannon White stepped in… and “How Was School Today? Fine.” became a reality. White, an ordained Pastor, speaker, TV news correspondent, and more importantly a mother, co-authored “How Was School Today? Fine.” with her tween daughter Peyton. Frustrated with hearing only “fine” to her repeated inquiries of Peyton’s school day, White asked Peyton what she was doing wrong. According to White, her quest to delve into more than just “fine” as a response prompted the birth of her book and the start of a mission to find a common ground of communication.

Covering a wide range of topics from international adoption, divorce, single parenting, puberty, religions, and bullying to Internet issues White says “Nothing is more challenging or rewarding than to support the healthy growth of a child in this world.”

Different than many parenting books, White encourages Peyton to give her perspective as well on these difficult and challenging issues. Together they share open communication…and teach their readers just how they did it.

Patty O. says “I think most people do not put much thought into parenting; they tend to imitate their parents. This is a perfect book for young parents; I will give it as a baby shower gift going forward.”

Nancy G. states “This is a uniquely sensitive and practical guide for better problem solving and improved communications with your children and teens, written by an especially insightful mom and her articulate middle-school daughter.”

“How Was School Today? Fine.” is available on and on Shannon and Peyton White’s website ( Connect on the How Was School Today? Fine. Facebook fan page


I also had the privilege to preview How Was School Today? Fine. A user-friendly discussion guide for parents and their elementary-aged children and it is an excellent resource for parents – and grandparents! – to learn to connect better with today’s kids AND for the kids to get some insight about their parents and grandparents, too! Shannon and Peyton’s style for the book is very engaging: stories and predicaments, mom’s view, daughter’s view, and some back-and-forth dialogue. This all gets wrapped up with a few questions for reflection for either adults or both adults and children.

The section on connecting with family discusses family meetings, age-appropriateness, sibling relationships, struggling with controlling behavior, fighting fairly, working through mistakes and morning-time responsibilities to get everyone ready to leave the house – along with many more such topics. The school and learning section has great examples for learning time management skills, making a difference to the people around you, peer pressure and bullying plus more. Then there’s the discussions on money and material things, bodies and bodily functions, community interaction, outside forces, and internet forces. My favorite part was the last section on building character – Shannon and Peyton call it “The Big Stuff” with topics like feelings, distress, gratitude, lying, loss, spirituality, prayer, meditation, sacred spaces and dreams.

Even though it is targeted as a discussion guide for parents with their elementary school-aged children, it is also extremely useful for any grandparents wanting to better their relationship or to open communication with their grandchildren.

It is a super resource! Very well done, Shannon and Peyton!

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