Tulips in Pella IA

Tulip Time is 3 weeks away but the tulips were absolutely gorgeous in Pella, Iowa, this last weekend. I got some beautiful photographs. We enjoyed dutch letter pastries and frosted sugar cookies from Jaarsma Bakery. We walked all around town to admire the tulips, other spring flowers and flowering trees.

Tulip Time is a great family outing as a day trip! You might have trouble finding a hotel room by now if you don’t have one already, but maybe some are still available. It is a very popular festival. Over 60,000 dutch letters are sold over the 3 days. This year it’s May 6, 7, & 8, 2010.

I’ll add my favorite photos as the week goes by….

The old high school building was my first photo op.

Red Tulips

Doors with Tulips

Yellow Orange Tulips

Pink Tulips

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2 Responses to Tulips in Pella IA

  1. Anastasia says:

    Gorgeous! I wish we could come check them out!

    • mygrandmasue says:

      You’ll have to go visit your father-in-law in Pella some day! I love your website! I now have a recipe for our beloved Dutch Letters as well! I will have to try your other delicious-looking recipes as well! Thanks!

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