Ethics for Toddlers

November 17, 2009

Today’s radio commentary by Michael Josephson isn’t on his website yet. – It was about instilling ethics and building character in the very young by example and struck me as a topic for my blog tonight – but this story is close. – Or maybe today’s been such a bad day that this was the lesson and I don’t remember any more!

Here are some other interesting links to read up on how to help your toddler develop a good character:

ERIC Character Development: Encouraging Self-Esteem & Self-Discipline in Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year-Olds

Top 5 Principles For Helping Your Child Build A Good Character

Effective Character Building Tips

Character Building Lesson Plans

Building Self Esteem

Most important is what your toddler sees you doing – actions speak louder than words – and whatever you do, your toddler wants to do, too!

More info on

Creating A Statement of Family Values

August 13, 2009

Michael Josephson today spoke about the importance of family values or core beliefs and creating a Statement of Family Values for our children. Take the time to think about how you really feel about these 12 areas and put into words what you want your children to believe. It will be hard and will probably have to be done in many sessions, but it is amazing what you end up with!

The 12 areas that Michael Josephson listed are: Character/ethics, Faith/spirituality , Marriage/family relationships, Friendship, Education, Self-reliance, Attitude, Service, Success, Money/material possessions,
Drinking/drugs, and Premarital sex.

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