Orchid Cactus: Queen of the Night

April 6, 2010

This blog is for Sharon! I found a big leathery cactus leaf in the courtyard of our condo building several years ago and stuck it in some dirt to see if it would grow. It did! It is almost as tall as I am. It is just amazing with it’s huge night-only blossoms though! I never knew its name, though, until Sharon identified it for me. Here are some of my July 2009 photos:

That’s a quarter being held next to the blossom!

Here are 3 of them together.

Here’s how the blossoms twist shut:

Here is a list of videos on youtube of this amazing flower.

I’m always game to stick various (live, not dead) leaves and twigs into dirt to see if they’ll grow. I’ve been lucky to start many of my plants that way! It would be a fun “long-term” experiment to involve kids with – it is certainly a lesson in patience and nurturing, too!

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