Photos of Baby Quail

Here are photos of the baby quail I wrote about on 25 July……

Tiny Baby Quail Chicks

Tiny Baby Quail Chicks

Mama Quail and 2 of Her Babies

Mama Quail and 2 of Her Babies

Daddy Quail and Son

Daddy Quail and Son

3 Responses to Photos of Baby Quail

  1. […] I took lots of photos. Hopefully I will get some photos on the blog this week. I always think I will get to upload pictures on the weedend and then it is over and I’m into the next week already! Here they are! […]

  2. Marilyn Shumate says:

    Mama Quail laid eggs in my planter on porch. They have hatched but babies keep falling out & 2 Male Quails keep pecking at them will they kill them or is that normal & they are trying to get them back in nest. I keep picking them up & putting them back in nest. She is in nest & she coos at me.

    • mygrandmasue says:

      Aw!!! I don’t know!! Go to one of the bird sites I have on the side of my page and ask them your questions!!! I hope the babies are still alive!!! Good luck!

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