Seal Beach Seal in Alamitos Bay

September 20, 2009

The last several years we’ve been here in Alamitos Bay we have had a visiting sea lion every now and then. My mom in Arizona calls him “her seal” because we first saw him when she was visiting us. She always asks if we’ve seen him lately. We went for a long time without seeing him – once or twice a year. Today he was sunning himself on the breakwater. He didn’t seem to care at all that boaters were going by him all the time. This Google map has a red star in the center – the sea lion was on the breakwater just below the star – on the thin line jutting in the water. You can drag the map up and around so you can see how he made his way up to the houses from the ocean near Seal Beach. Here are some pictures I took of him this morning.

Sea Lion is in Center of PhotoThe Houses are all around this area of the Alamitos Bay. The sea lion is on the breakwater in the middle of the photo.

Dragon Boat Glides ByA dragon boat crew practices their rowing while the sea lion stretches out on the breakwater.

Sea Lion with Jetskier
The sea lion sits up to watch the jetskier as the jetskier watches him.

Another Dragon BoatThis dragon boat crew is also so intent on rowing that they don’t see the sea lion either. But he’s laid back down again.

KayakersKayakers go in for a closer look.

Sea Lion Sits Up Time for him to check out what is going on.

Turns Over The sea lion turns over on his side.

He stayed and napped for quite a while. Then he quietly slipped back into the water. Later this evening he was back on the breakwater. One of the boat owners we talked to when we took the photos this morning said the sea lion has been hanging around more in the last five days…..

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