I Love My Shape-Ups!

September 30, 2009

My walking buddy and I have been wearing our Sketchers Shape-Ups for about a month and a half now while we do our walk. We are sure they are making a difference in our bodies. Our pants are loose and our legs look better than they have in a long time! We are having fun, too! Renee Moilanen wrote an article With new workout fashions, fitness is on a roll about these various shoes for working your body that was in the Long Beach Press-Telegram and I see it is on the web multiple times as well! I don’t know about not going to the gym to workout because I do that, too. Actually, it is sometimes interesting to wear these shoes as I work out in the gym because my balance point is different. I think it’s fun! On momlogic.com there is a blog about Shape-Ups. Here is the Sketchers website info. walking.org likes them, too!

I love my Sketchers Shape-Ups! I feel my posture is better. I know my butt and legs have felt the work-out and I think they are looking much better – just in the month and a half or so that I’ve been wearing them. I try to walk 3+ miles 3 times a week. People have also commented about my weight loss – but I have been watching what I eat so to lose the weight as well. The shoes are fun to wear. I wear them all day long. I even work out in the gym with them – gives a whole new balance act performance. I would recommend them to anyone trying to get a few more calories wrung out while going through their busy day.

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