Library Visit

Today Austin and I spent two hours at the library reading lots of different books that he picked out. The day was rainy so we stayed inside! It was a lot of fun! He would pick several books out and hand them to me. Then we sat in the Children’s Room and read them together. Then he picked out some more. We read them. Then I thought he was done but he pulled out a book he recognised from school called Ladybug Girl by Jacky Davis (Author) and David Soman (Author, Illustrator) and he wanted to take it home to show Mom. BUT I didn’t have Mom’s library card with me and he had to write his name to get his own card, so the librarian suggested we either put it on 3 day save or go up to the Reading Room to read it. Austin decided to read it NOW so we made it up the stairs to the Reading Room only after side-stepping for Austin to grab a transportation picture book and a horse picture book as well. So that was another hour or so.

At the end we signed a hard-cover Grandpa Do It! I Do It, Too book and donated it to the library – since it is HIS library after all. That was fun, too!

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