Unconditional Love – Warren Buffett Credits His Father

July 8, 2010

One of Grandpa Ron’s most favorite people is Warren Buffett. I also thoroughly enjoyed his comments at the 2008 Women’s Conference. He is another person who stands out as a mentor and teacher for more people than he’ll ever personally know that he’s helped. This interview posted by Willow Bay (Anna Robertson and Erin Green produced the interview for Yahoo! News.) highlights his attitude and approach for life. In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! News and The Huffington Post, “he credited his father for teaching him how to live, and explained that all parents can make a “better human being” by offering their children unconditional love.”

Enjoy! Buffett Recounts the Best Advice He’s Ever Received

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No Tickee, No Attendee

June 23, 2010

We never got into the site to get a ticket for the Women’s Conference! Three of us tried separately at 9 am and patiently awaited the magical moment when the auto-refreshed screen would tell us our place in the queue but none of us got into the queue! By the time I noticed my url was dead (and so was Leslie’s) and I went to another computer to try again at 9:50 am, the Main Event (Tuesday) was already completely sold out!

So we are signed up one more year for Monday only. Guess we’ll reserve the conference room for the webcast again. I’m actually not as upset as I was last year about not getting tickets because the webcast option is excellent. We still get the main stage presentations even if we don’t get to choose the side sessions that get televised.

It looks like they tried their best not to overrun the servers by shutting down the rest of the site (the links and all) but I bet they still were swamped given what happened to us…. oh, well….

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I’m In The Picture!

June 22, 2010

Hey, cool! I’m in the picture of participants for the Day of Transformation at last year’s Women’s Conference. I hope to be one of the lucky ones tomorrow to get in to the Women’s Conference site to get tickets for this year’s conference. Even though it is shortly after our wedding, I want to attend. Every year that I was able to participate has been so totally awesome! The speakers are always so insightful and totally special people! The webcast was so good last year that I will still look forward to that if I am not able to get tickets for the main day.

I feel lucky, though, because the theme is the same as our wedding theme: “It’s Time!” Also used frequently are the good words about nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit – and Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too won the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the International Book Awards and was a finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the National Best Books 2009 awards. It feels like a good omen for success!

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What is a Minerva Moment

May 7, 2010

I received an interesting and thought-provoking email from the people behind the Women’s Conference and I decided to share it with you. I really, really like the Women’s Conference website. I really respect Maria Shriver and all she does to better the world we live in.

From the email:

During the first week of June, The Women’s Conference will announce the winners of the seventh annual Minerva Awards. To honor these remarkable women, who have recognized a problem, identified the solution and pursued it with strength, courage and compassion, The Great May Giveaway is asking:

When did you realize for the first time that you could make a difference and transform the life of someone you love, someone less fortunate or someone in need? What was your Minerva Moment?

Your answer could win 2 Special Guest Passes to The Women’s Conference 2010 and a chance to interview Maria Shriver backstage!

Click here to learn more about The Great May Giveaway & share your Minerva Moment.

Here is Maria Shriver’s Minerva Moment:

🙂 🙂 🙂

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A Phenomenal Mentor

July 12, 2009

Maria Shriver is an extraordinary person! I think of her as one of my mentors yet we have never actually met. Her commitment and down-to-earth sharing appeal to me so much — I wanna be like her! 🙂 I have attended The California Women’s Conference since the year the Dalai Lama was a speaker. I made sure I went every year after that because it invigorates me and gives me renewed strength. Not only is Maria a fantastic hostess but the caliber of speakers she collects is insightful and discerning for those of us lucky enough to experience the conference. We focus on trying to be an “Architect of Change.” The Women’s Conference Website is available all the time for all kinds of information – not just conference information – to give guidance for the mantra “Be Who You Are . . . an Architect of Change. Pass It On.”

Maria created the Minerva Awards, named after the Roman Goddess Minerva (who is on the California State Seal), in 2004 to honor women “who have stepped forward in the spirit of Minerva and changed our world with their courage, their strength, and their wisdom.”

She has brought to recognition so many deserving souls that I do hope she is aware that she has also done a fantastic job in her own right of making a difference in our world. Here is just one example with Michele Obama.

Have a great day!

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