Reno Rain, No Rain…

July 16, 2010

Today in Reno the weather was absurd! We were caught in an absolute downpour of HUGE raindrops complete with lightening bolts, sheet lightening and thunder at Trader Joes near McCarren and Virginia, yet when we looked towards the Southwestern hills, the sun was shining. Sure enough, when we got to the Southwest end of town, there was only heat (92 degrees) and dust — no rain fell at all! I think I heard the weatherman say that a third inch of rain fell in a half hour! We were soaked running into Trader Joe’s but as we waiting in line to check out, we saw the downpour drizzle into nothing at all! The storm drains at all the corners were all flooded though! Cars were shooting up sheets of water as they slowed down to round the corner. That was fun!

From the NOAA Reno KNRO website for July 16th, 2010:
Precipitation Accumulation
0.34 inches In the 6 hours preceding Jul 16, 2010 – 07:55 PM EDT / 2010.07.16 2355 UTC

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