Big Rain Storm in Reno Area Petered Out – Luckily!

December 2, 2012

After 81 MPH wind gusts at 1:01 am this morning and almost 2 inches of rain since midnight came through, I am glad the storm was colder than expected and dumped snow instead of rain on Truckee, CA today. Yesterday evening we had 60-70+ MPH winds and 1.7 inches of rain by the time we went to bed. Even though lots of people prepared sand bags and moved household and warehouse goods, I am glad there was not the flooding damage that was predicted! The drainage ditch by us was ignored by streams of water flowing across the meadow – luckily on the other side of it from where our house is, so we stood and watched the swirling waters rather than running around worrying about our condition. The howling winds did a nasty job of pushing water under our front door and around four of the dining room windows. I’m glad we have lots of old towels! Here’s an article about the storm as printed in the Nevada Appeal.

Here are some pictures that I took of the rain, rainbows and snow around Reno yesterday and today:

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It’s June 2nd…and it is SNOWING in Reno!

June 2, 2011

I want WARMTH!!!! I cannot believe it is the second of June and it is snowing here in Reno! We had snow showers yesterday, too! I had planned to garden this whole week but it is too cold! – For me and the plants!! 39 degrees at 9 in the morning and right now at 10:50 am, it is 43 degrees – brrrrr! On the news last night, someone said we should change the name of this month to Junuary! THE AVERAGE HIGH TEMP IN RENO ON THE 2ND OF JUNE IS SEVENTY-EIGHT DEGREES.

Snow pictures from

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More Snow for Reno

March 20, 2011

It’s the first day of Spring! Yesterday’s snow was gone by the end of yesterday! This morning we woke up to as much snow and it kept coming down! Here are a few of today’s pictures. Today’s snow was wetter and heavier.

New Snow for Reno

March 19, 2011

We woke up to more snow this morning than we anticipated when we got to town last Thursday night! Weather forecast obviously changed!! Have had several periods of time where we couldn’t see beyond the neighbor’s house across the street! Had a little over 3 inches, but most of it is already melted away!

Tonight’s Sunset in Long Beach Was Gorgeous! Photos Here!

November 5, 2010

I’ve been home sick with a cold for two days. Grandpa Ron has been taking care of me! Aw! He brought me lunch and dinner. What a sweety. But then about 10 minutes ago he calls and says “Go quick outside and enjoy the beautiful sunset!” So I grabbed the camera and ran to the end of our street. Snap! Snap! Snap! Hurry, before it’s gone! Now it’s dark! BUT – here are the photos for you to see that sunset, too! It is low tide so the water is low along the beaches but there are still some nice reflections! Was great to enjoy the sunset! 🙂


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Reno Rain, No Rain…

July 16, 2010

Today in Reno the weather was absurd! We were caught in an absolute downpour of HUGE raindrops complete with lightening bolts, sheet lightening and thunder at Trader Joes near McCarren and Virginia, yet when we looked towards the Southwestern hills, the sun was shining. Sure enough, when we got to the Southwest end of town, there was only heat (92 degrees) and dust — no rain fell at all! I think I heard the weatherman say that a third inch of rain fell in a half hour! We were soaked running into Trader Joe’s but as we waiting in line to check out, we saw the downpour drizzle into nothing at all! The storm drains at all the corners were all flooded though! Cars were shooting up sheets of water as they slowed down to round the corner. That was fun!

From the NOAA Reno KNRO website for July 16th, 2010:
Precipitation Accumulation
0.34 inches In the 6 hours preceding Jul 16, 2010 – 07:55 PM EDT / 2010.07.16 2355 UTC

ArrowCreek Weather Station

February 23, 2010

Our weather station results are being used on TV! Reno KTVN Channel 2 local CBC station has ArrowCreek on their weather map. That’s us! 🙂 That’s because we are part of the NOAA volunteer weather network.

Don’t know if it will always be accessible but here is the weather from today on KTVN. ArrowCreek is on the map at about 3:15 minutes into it when he describes the Reno region. Yesterday’s broadcast on the web had ArrowCreek about 3:45 minutes into it, so I’d guess it should show up any time between 3 and 4 minutes into the weather.

Record setting snowfall in Reno and areas just to the north. 12″ at the airport as of 8 AM with as much as 24″ being reported from north valleys out to Silver Springs yet areas south such as Minden and South Lake Tahoe have not seen much. A very narrow band of moderate to heavy snow developed last evening and continues this morning. Winter Storm warning has now been continued until 7 PM this evening. The snow should begin to decrease late morning into the afternoon as this band moves south and east but areas within the snow band could experience several more inches this morning and during the early afternoon. Weak high pressure builds in for late today and Monday but enough moisture remains for scattered mountain snow showers and lots of clouds in the valleys.
Next chance of rain and snow will be late Tuesday into Wednesday as a Pacific systems moves towards the coast. Highs today in the low 40’s with 30’s at the lake.

by AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Ron Percivalle for last Sunday…

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Brown Pelicans get help from Humans

January 26, 2010

People aren’t the only ones inconvenienced or bothered by this last series of rain storms. Several (30 in 48 hours!) brown pelicans were dazed and confused. They had lost their protective waterproof coating probably thanks to storm drain runoff. Luckily they were rescued by the International Bird Rescue Research Center in San Pedro, CA last Thursday. Here is the Long Beach Press-Telegram story by Sandy Mazza called Storm-buffeted pelicans recuperating in San Pedro. By 7 pm on Friday they had 60 pelicans with another 20 on their way from Santa Barbara to their facility in San Francisco Bay.

Here is a KCBS 2 news video about the birds being rescued and rehabilitated at the San Pedro International Bird Rescue Research Center.

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Aftermath of Week of Storms in LA – Shopping Carts on the Beach

January 24, 2010

Grandpa Ron and I took a stroll down the Seal Beach beach yesterday and could not believe the amount of trash washed up! Mixed in with the usual seaweed and driftwood were whole small trees, tree limbs, boxes, plastic bags and shopping carts! Blue ones, red ones, silver ones and green ones! Multiples of carts – all hung with seaweed and yucky muck! When the big rains wash the water down the rivers and flood channels, all kinds of garbage ends up in the ocean! It is a really sorry sight! If only people would clean up properly after themselves! We weren’t the only ones amazed. Here are some news stories that also depicted the mess:

These two are the same AP story with different pictures –
Storms leave beaches in a soggy mess
SoCal storms leave beaches strewn with trash

Photos from MSNBC from all over CA – San Diego to San Jose…

Slideshow of AZ and CA rainstorm woes also from MSNBC.

From the Orange County Register we have
Clear skies, digging out begins
Photos (click on Photo tab)
Video on County Trash ending up at Sea. There are other storm related videos there at the moment as well: Seal Beach Pier and Storm Damage
Then there is The Science Dude, Gary Robbins blog on the storm
and, last but not least, the OCR The Top Storm Photos of the Week in a slideshow. Most of these are pretty!

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