Visit Marble Bluff to see Cui-ui Fish Swim Upstream

June 1, 2011

The Marble Bluff Fish Passage Facility is located near Nixon, NV at Marble Bluff Dam, on the delta of the Truckee River where it ends at Pyramid Lake. The Cui-ui are spawning in large numbers this year. This endangered sucker fish is found only in Pyramid Lake in Nevada. There is a series of locks, ladders and bypasses to help the fish get up the Truckee River to lay their eggs. Jeff Delong of the Reno Gazette-Journal has a front page article With cui-ui thriving, the whole river teems with several great photos – one with a whole flock of white pelicans waiting for the fish to fly out of the water right into their mouths…well, almost! This year may be a record run thanks to all the winter snow we had.

There are several you-tube videos of the fish ladders from last year’s run. Here’s one. When it is done it will show you more choices as well.

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The 2010 Grunion Run Has Started!

March 30, 2010

The Orange County Register has the first articles that I’ve seen this year on the Grunion Run! Samantha Gowan’s blog article was posted on March 11th. Laylan Connelly’s blog article was posted March 29th. Here is a list of California Beaches where you might find the little spawning fish! You can also check out my other blogs for more Grunion information or the site. Play this cute video of 5 year old Emily explaining what a grunion run is! The page has both windows and apple versions.

Explore more at 🙂

Healthy Grunion Runs This Year!

July 14, 2009

Several people were interested in my last post about the Grunion Run, so here is an update on this year’s run from today’s Orange County Register. Vik Jolly interviewed Pepperdine University marine biologist Karen Martin, who has been keeping records of the Orange County grunion runs since 2004. Again, the take-away information is what us humans can do to not disturb nature at work. Here are several photos taken by Cheryl A. Guerrero for the OCR.

The Grunion Run is On!!

April 12, 2009

What is a Grunion Run????? Grunions are little fish only found along the Southern California Coast and northern Baja California. There are all kinds of jokes about going to see the Grunion Run along various CA beaches because it happens late at night. However, 2009 Grunion Night is a special event at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA. There other fun activities on the calendar, too!

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