Big Rain Storm in Reno Area Petered Out – Luckily!

December 2, 2012

After 81 MPH wind gusts at 1:01 am this morning and almost 2 inches of rain since midnight came through, I am glad the storm was colder than expected and dumped snow instead of rain on Truckee, CA today. Yesterday evening we had 60-70+ MPH winds and 1.7 inches of rain by the time we went to bed. Even though lots of people prepared sand bags and moved household and warehouse goods, I am glad there was not the flooding damage that was predicted! The drainage ditch by us was ignored by streams of water flowing across the meadow – luckily on the other side of it from where our house is, so we stood and watched the swirling waters rather than running around worrying about our condition. The howling winds did a nasty job of pushing water under our front door and around four of the dining room windows. I’m glad we have lots of old towels! Here’s an article about the storm as printed in the Nevada Appeal.

Here are some pictures that I took of the rain, rainbows and snow around Reno yesterday and today:

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Visit Marble Bluff to see Cui-ui Fish Swim Upstream

June 1, 2011

The Marble Bluff Fish Passage Facility is located near Nixon, NV at Marble Bluff Dam, on the delta of the Truckee River where it ends at Pyramid Lake. The Cui-ui are spawning in large numbers this year. This endangered sucker fish is found only in Pyramid Lake in Nevada. There is a series of locks, ladders and bypasses to help the fish get up the Truckee River to lay their eggs. Jeff Delong of the Reno Gazette-Journal has a front page article With cui-ui thriving, the whole river teems with several great photos – one with a whole flock of white pelicans waiting for the fish to fly out of the water right into their mouths…well, almost! This year may be a record run thanks to all the winter snow we had.

There are several you-tube videos of the fish ladders from last year’s run. Here’s one. When it is done it will show you more choices as well.

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