A Favorite Person Passes On

February 6, 2010

This week I’ve been sad since a very dear friend and mentor, Dr. Maxine Huffman, has passed away. She was (and her husband Don still is) a prime example of why and how special Central College is for many alumni. Every time Grandpa Ron and I visited the Central campus, we always made sure we arranged a visit or meal to catch up with the Huffmans. We appreciated and embraced their view on life and the world. She will be missed by many, many people all over the world.

Here is an after dinner photo from last Fall in Pella, IA, with favorite people Barbara Butler, Maxine and Don Huffman.

Here is a photo from the very first time I met the Huffmans and the Butlers on a RĂĽdesheim Rhine River Cruise (a one afternoon cruise version) in the Summer of 1972 at the start of the ’72-’73 Central College Vienna Study Program. Left to right: Jovan Stojsic, Frau Haydon, Don Butler, Don Huffman, Maxine Huffman, and Barbara Butler. Looks to me like they’re having a pleasant afternoon. Little did I know on that day how I’d end up with a double major in German – my intended major – and in English – where Maxine became my English Dept. Advisor – and that my work/study job would find me in the International Studies Office helping Barbara Butler! Our friendships continue on to this day!

I have more info on the page created from the CaringBridge site – I don’t know how long the CaringBridge pages will continue being there.

I have more upbeat entries in my usual blogs on https://mygrandmasue.wordpress.com 🙂

A Phenomenal Mentor

July 12, 2009

Maria Shriver is an extraordinary person! I think of her as one of my mentors yet we have never actually met. Her commitment and down-to-earth sharing appeal to me so much — I wanna be like her! 🙂 I have attended The California Women’s Conference since the year the Dalai Lama was a speaker. I made sure I went every year after that because it invigorates me and gives me renewed strength. Not only is Maria a fantastic hostess but the caliber of speakers she collects is insightful and discerning for those of us lucky enough to experience the conference. We focus on trying to be an “Architect of Change.” The Women’s Conference Website is available all the time for all kinds of information – not just conference information – to give guidance for the mantra “Be Who You Are . . . an Architect of Change. Pass It On.”

Maria created the Minerva Awards, named after the Roman Goddess Minerva (who is on the California State Seal), in 2004 to honor women “who have stepped forward in the spirit of Minerva and changed our world with their courage, their strength, and their wisdom.”

She has brought to recognition so many deserving souls that I do hope she is aware that she has also done a fantastic job in her own right of making a difference in our world. Here is just one example with Michele Obama.

Have a great day!

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