Grandpa Do It! will be in Frankfurt Germany This Week!

October 1, 2010

Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too will be in Frankfurt, Germany, this week at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Hopefully it will find a publisher interested in International Rights. That would be totally awesome, huh! 🙂 It is in Germany the same week we get married!

Meet Jean Warren and Preschool Express

February 19, 2010

I was “googling around” for toddler activities the other day when I came across Jean Warren and her fabulous with wonderful ideas and activities for parents and teachers to do with toddlers and preschoolers. Do check it out – over and over again! Of course I loved the train theme (so does Grandpa Ron!) but all the ideas for learning, skill building, reading, singing, games, activities, parties, food and cooking with kids, etc., etc., etc., just go on and on! You’ll surely find some stations that will keep your toddler engaged and eager for more! Do check it out!

You can also check out my other blogposts at for ideas and activities that I have noted! 🙂

Great Present for Grandpa or Grandson!

November 27, 2009

Don’t forget to consider giving Grandpa Do It! I Do It, Too! as a Christmas or Chanuka present for Grandpa or for Grandson! Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! is an Award-Winning Finalist in the Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit category of the National Best Books 2009 Awards sponsored by USA Book News.

The boys and girls love the book when I read it to them at daycare centers and libraries. They get right into it and tell their own stories about their grandparents. Grandpas, on the other hand, sometimes get teary-eyed and nod their heads and say “Oh, yes, I remember when……” Grandmas take one look at it and say “It’s darling. I must have a copy!”

It’s available at Amazon right now – get it today on Black Friday and take advantage of the special shipping deals Amazon is offering!

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Do You Know Kids With Allergies?

September 10, 2009

The Itchy Kids Club website is a wonderfully fun information center for kids and families dealing with allergies, asthma and eczema from food or the environment. For example, here are 10 Things Children With Food Allergies Want You To Know! I found the website entertaining as well as very full of all kinds of useful data for dealing with the itchy side of life! 🙂 A very cute book written by Jill Grabowski is also available for purchase to share the funny side of it all.

Grandparents Day – Sept 13

September 1, 2009

Jimmy Carter declared Grandparents Day a national holiday in 1978. Grandparents Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day. Read the history on There is a whole page of info all about it!

What impact have grandparents had on you?

If you are a grandparent, what impact have you made on the younger generations?

My first book Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! is all about making an impact – whether you know it or not! It makes a perfect Grandparents Day present for a grandpa who has a grandson. (Granddaughter will be born at the end of December 2009 – so then we’ll create a granddaughter book, too!)

Amazon Author Page

July 8, 2009

I just received notification that my Author Page for Grandma Sue is available on So now, when you click on my name associated with Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too!, you get a little info about me; i.e., I am now distinct from the other Grandma Sues in the Amazon List.

I also linked this blog to the new page. That may take a few days to show up.

How fun!

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