Portland, Oregon YMCA

April 7, 2009

Another one of my favorite places – because they take such good care of Grandson Austi – is the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette. Their programs are very special to many people.

Pacific Grove, CA

April 7, 2009

Thousands of Monarch butterflies overwinter in Pacific Grove, California, at the Monarch Grove Sanctuary mainly during November through February. A couple years ago we visited in February and saw so many of them in the eucalyptus trees. I’ll have to find a photo to show you, but there are some good ones on the website linked below. We did see a few fluttering around last weekend, as well, even though it was already April. It is always a special visit.

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History runs the museum, the Point Pinos Lighthouse, and the Monarch Sanctuary.

Aquarium of the Pacific

April 7, 2009

There is a great aquarium to visit on line or in person in Long Beach, California as well. Check out the Aquarium of the Pacific to see all of the neat exhibits and activities there. The seahorse exhibit is awesome! I still love the jellyfish, too!

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