A New Experience to Share

April 6, 2009

Grandma Sue welcomes you to her first blog!  Austin and Grandpa Ron’s appearance in Grandma Sue’s first book (Click my “Grandpa, Do It! I Do It, Too! page) is fast becoming a reality.  The BookSurge team is doing a super job and consequently we have only had a few redlines.  Today I got my first look at the whole inside of the book.  I am so excited because it looks so great!  You’ll see it first here, when it becomes available on Amazon.com!

The Monterey Bay Aquarium

April 6, 2009

I’m so excited to find my way in this sharing of information.

Grandpa Ron and I had a fabulous time in Monterey, California this past weekend.   The weather was great.  The ocean was refreshing.  The sunsets were beautiful.   The Monterey Bay Aquarium has an awesome new seahorse exhibit.  It is wonderful! I still can watch the jellyfish for a long time.

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