Ice House Trail and Mountain Bike Riding: Hiking and Biking!

April 16, 2009

OK, Michele told me about the Ice House Trail on Mt. Baldy and how great it was for hiking with little kids. I found this great write-up of the trail. There is also a link to Bob and Nancy Ulrich’s Hiking pages. Unfortunately, not all of their photos come up on my machine, but for hikers there are lots of ideas available!

BUT then I clicked on who also rode the Ice House Trail – only this one is in Utah. BUT, he has an AWESOME site with totally awesome pictures in his blog and on his trail descriptions. You do not have to be a mountain biker to enjoy his site. Check it out!

The Freight Station Museum in Greeley, CO

April 16, 2009

Grandpa Ron was wondering why I have not put any TRAINS on the blog yet! He found his December 2008 Model Railroader magazine and said: This new museum in Greeley would be neat if you could find the website. Ha! That was an easy challenge for Grandma Sue & Google! Here is a pre-opening video on the web by Skip Weythman. Here is the main wesite of the museum which has not only a link to the Model Railroader magazine but also some awesome scenery photos, as well as other train buff stuff!

Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

April 16, 2009

Co-worker Kevin immediately offered Greenfield Village as a favorite place he remembers from his childhood. Well, it is no longer just Greenfield Village. As you will see by following the link, it has been christened with a new name – The Henry Ford, America’s Greatest History Attraction. It has the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in its collection of vehicles! The link I found for this article is from a very interesting site called Roadside It has the sort of places on it that Michael the angel (John Travolta) in one of my favorite movies Michael would want to do visit, like the World’s biggest ball of string or the the World’s largest tire.

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