I Can See The Station Fire 60 Miles Away!

We have so many forest fires burning around LA right now! It has been very, very hot and extremely dry. Here are two pictures I took at 8:11 pm tonight (Saturday, Aug 29) from our deck. The Station Fire in the Angeles Forest has been burning since last Thursday. It is getting closer and closer to LA. The links give the details. I hope and pray people stay safe. Many people are not evacuating when they are told to. JPL is threatened. Television and radio towers are threatened, too. Some stations are already dark, according to one article I read. The view from the Mount Wilson Observatory webcam is here.

We can see the whole ridge is on fire – and we are 60 miles away! The flames are to the right of the big white building, which is the Long Beach VA Hospital. TVNZ coverage here.

Station Fire From Long Beach 1

Station Fire From Long Beach 1

Station Fire From Long Beach 2

Station Fire From Long Beach 2

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