Aftermath of Week of Storms in LA – Shopping Carts on the Beach

Grandpa Ron and I took a stroll down the Seal Beach beach yesterday and could not believe the amount of trash washed up! Mixed in with the usual seaweed and driftwood were whole small trees, tree limbs, boxes, plastic bags and shopping carts! Blue ones, red ones, silver ones and green ones! Multiples of carts – all hung with seaweed and yucky muck! When the big rains wash the water down the rivers and flood channels, all kinds of garbage ends up in the ocean! It is a really sorry sight! If only people would clean up properly after themselves! We weren’t the only ones amazed. Here are some news stories that also depicted the mess:

These two are the same AP story with different pictures –
Storms leave beaches in a soggy mess
SoCal storms leave beaches strewn with trash

Photos from MSNBC from all over CA – San Diego to San Jose…

Slideshow of AZ and CA rainstorm woes also from MSNBC.

From the Orange County Register we have
Clear skies, digging out begins
Photos (click on Photo tab)
Video on County Trash ending up at Sea. There are other storm related videos there at the moment as well: Seal Beach Pier and Storm Damage
Then there is The Science Dude, Gary Robbins blog on the storm
and, last but not least, the OCR The Top Storm Photos of the Week in a slideshow. Most of these are pretty!

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