Early High Desert Wildflowers In Bloom

We always like to take a walk around our land on the first morning we are back in Reno. Today was no exception. Looks like all the plants made it through the winter. Most are budding out. One daffodil is blooming. The rest are still pushing out leaves and a few buds. We might get snow on Wednesday, so I hope it is only a brief cold front. Here are pictures of some of the wildflowers already blooming in the “wild part” (or native area or non-landscaped area) of our land.

Yellow (I think) Buttercups or Cinquefoil. I think they are Buttercups because they do not have five green sepals under the yellow petals. However, I don’t think the leaves look like either plant. They are very short and close to the ground. They are always the first to bloom in the spring.

The violets are also profusely blooming in large patches and clumps.

The tiny Yarrow get taller in the weeks to come.

See my earlier blog Possible Plethora of Wildflowers from last Spring for a list of flower identification books. We concentrate on ones for the Great Basin and Tahoe area.

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