Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

One of the main recurring events of my life while growing up in the Chicago area were the annual school trips to The Museum of Science and Industry. I loved the the great train layout exhibit and the doll house fairy castle exhibit. There are so many really cool exhibits these days….. check some of them out right here!

2 Responses to Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

  1. Sandra Duncan says:

    Hi, Susan. I remember my school trips to the Museum of Science and Industry very well. It seems every year we were required to walk through that darn heart. It wasn’t until an unusual trip we made in high school that my best friend and I decided we had seen enough of the heart and could write about it from memory. We snuck off and explored the exhibits we never saw before. I loved the Fairy Castle and the farm with the chicks. It seems like such a waste for every class to visit the same area every year when the place was a wonderland. Maybe someday before we return home I can share it with Harv.

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