Total 19 Inches of Snow in Reno Foothills

December 13, 2009

We did not make it out of town today after all. We woke up to a totally white wonderland. The fir trees and evergreens were bending with snow on all their branches. The bare trees were all magically white from the pogonip if not a few inches of clinging snow. Even the weather station was covered in snow. There wasn’t any wind!

Grandpa Ron used the snow blower one more time to get another 9 inches off the driveway! The roads were slushy or icy. All of the roads to get back to LA were requiring chains, snow tires and/or 4 wheel drive. After checking the various weather forecasts, we decided to stay one more night here instead of chancing it on the road as we’ve done before. I think our close call last January made both of us more willing to stay.

So we got the suitcase back out of the car and settled back in. We’ll get out early tomorrow.

Here are four pictures from the gazillion I took. One is from last night (guess which one, ha!) and three from this morning.

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