Christmas Boat Parades

December 20, 2009

California Christmas Boat Parades have been fun to watch since we have been in Southern California. They are all up and down the coast however. Last night we had dinner at the Crab Pot and watched the Naples Christmas Boat Parade. Naples is a neighborhood of Long Beach, CA. The Naples Boat Parade has been fun to watch for several years because it is right in our neighborhood. We have seen the Huntington Beach, Newport and Oxnard Boat Parades through the years as well. All sorts of little and large boats get all decked out with lights and other decorations and parade up and down the waterways. This link has a list of dates and locations of boat parades in California. The Long Beach Press-Telegram hard-copy said it had photos online, but I couldn’t find anything with yesterday or today’s date about the parade online. If I do later, I might link it here.

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