Extraordinary Gifts

December 23, 2009

From the WomensConference.org is The Extraordinary Gifts Of Christmas – Life Balance by Rev. Shannon A. White. Stop what you are doing and listen to the quiet voice within you. It’s an excellent read.

From the WomensConference.org website at the end of the article: “Rev. Shannon A. White balances her professional life between being a Presbyterian minister, award-winning television news reporter, popular speaker and author. She has spent 13 years in churches in Connecticut and New York and is currently Associate Minister at Round Hill Community Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. Her most important role in life, however, is as mother to her 10-year-old daughter, Peyton. Together, they wrote How Was School Today? Fine…, due out in February 2010. They hope their book will help deepen communication between parents and their school-aged children.” Visit www.shannonawhite.com for more information.

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