Christmas Gifts for Children

Grandpa Ron and I went shopping for gifts for the grandkids today.

I was going to write about the experience but then I couldn’t get on wordpress tonight! So, I couldn’t write a blog! Now it is after the magic midnight somewhere (it is only a little after 11 pm in CA where I’m in front of my computer!) and I was able to finally get on! But then it didn’t work right…. So no blog for Saturday but here’s one for Sunday:

I found several websites that have good information about buying Christmas/Holiday toys for kids that are right for their age! That is so important when you don’t want something bad to happen because the kid did something you never dreamed that they would try! Here are the sites I found:
From Kidsafe Australia:
“Age guides for toys are linked to safety and to child development – they are not a measure of intelligence. Although it is tempting to think a child is smart enough for toys suited to an older child, it is safer and wiser to follow the age guides.” – a very nice, short, comprehensive blog about choosing safe toys by age Top Board Games by age
Best Toys by age on choosing gifts kids will flip over (from 2008)

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