We Made It To Reno!

For those of you followiing yesterday’s adventure, we made it safely to Reno last night. We needed to get through the mountains by 9 pm. Armed with maps and printed weather.com and NOAA forecasts for the various touchpoints (towns) along our route, we got out of Los Angeles in record time.

After we passed two cars in lanes 2 and 3 going 55 mph along side each other (creating a long backup of traffic behind them like a police traffic break), we sailed on the highway. The 14 was no problem. At the fork in the road in Bishop (continue on 395 or break to the desert on 6), I called my daughter to check the latest weather reports. Everything still looked good to continue on 395 through the mountains.

We didn’t make our usual stop at the Indian casino in Bishop to save time. Highway 395 was spotless although signs were up to watch for ice and bumpers of snow lined the mountain roads. We drove through the entrance of our home development at 8 pm and then met our driveway of 8″ of snow.

Even with 4 wheel drive we couldn’t get over the first incline part of the driveway. So after several futile tries, we left the car at the street and walked up to the house. We got our snow shovels and made two tracks in the powdery snow down to the car. Then the car had no problem!

Grandpa Ron is out there snowblowing the rest as I write this. …and it is snowing once again! Can’t see beyond the houses across the street. It is supposed to snow all weekend!

Current forecast is 1-3″ today, 1-3″ tonight, 3-7″ tomorrow and the second storm arriving Saturday night with 100% chance of snow with no mention of how much. NOAA radio is saying LOTS! We just might not make it back to LA on Sunday! We’ll have to check out going back on the desert again via 95.

Hopefully we will get down the hill to check our mail because I’d love to pick up our expected package containing the logger piece of our weather station so we can go live on the internet! Then we’ll have really local conditions to check up on!

Stay warm!!

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